Olafur Eliasson, Solar Surface (chartreuse).JPG

Solar surface (chartreuse)

Olafur Eliasson’s Solar surface (chartreuse) added a splashy disco vibe near the middle of the convention center.  Known for merging science and beauty, Eliasson and his team have constructed some memorable works.  My favorite was his dramatic waterfall at Versailles.  This disco-esque piece looked almost out of place amidst the many two dimensional paintings at Art Basel.  Shouldn’t this be at Design Miami?  I had to remind myself that great design often tows the line of practicality and beauty.  Functional as a chandelier, the piece also leans sculptural.  The most distinguishing features was the manner in which it threw light around in honeycomb-like refracted sparkle.  I enjoyed Solar Surface enough to let it remain, in my mind, a work of art.