Jeff Koons Gazing Ball (Goltzius Hercules and Cacus).JPG

Gazing Ball (Goltzius Hercules and Cacus)

A bit of zany fun was to be had at the Two Palms area.  Jeff Koons' Gazing Ball generated a chuckle from not just yours truly but many of the others standing around the area.  Let your imagination go wild with this one.  Koons' desire is that the viewer and the painting interact with one another.  To assist in this goal he has cleverly inserted a highly reflective glass into iconic paintings so that viewers can see themselves as they view the artwork.  By so doing he propels the idea that art is not only about the painter’s perspective but also includes what the viewer brings to the table.  Culture, background, emotions, you name it, whatever can influence perception, the culmination of it all equals the viewers translation of the piece.