Georg Baselitz, Ich gehe, du gehst, wir gehen, wir sind gegangen, 2017.JPG

Ich gehe, du gehst, wir gehen, wir sind gegangen

Georg Baselitz’s pink and gray pastel beauty grabbed my attention and is given the lengthy German title of “Ich gene, du gehst, sir gehen, sir sind gegangen” which google translate informs me means "I go, you go, we go, they are gone".  I should brush up on my German because I thought it might be “two people turned upside down”. 

I’m uncertain as to if the imagery speaks to me, but there is no doubt that the colors in this piece are gorgeous.  Many of Mr. Baselitz’s paintings are disquieting.  I don’t find this piece at all unsettling but I do prefer to see it more as an abstract than two upside down figures.  My mind wants to blur the humanity out of the painting.  With his color choice Baselitz has a subtle way of making the viewer feel happy, even innocent and childlike. Yet, the haunting and awkwardly rendered, inverted couple adds a challenge.