Antigua, a City for Color and Culture Lovers

Drenched with all the requisite colonial era charm, this gorgeous city offers eye candy at every corner.  Monasteries, churches, cobblestone pathways, colonnades with lovely arches, and a fountain in the central park earn this destination props for seemingly having it all.  Add the fact that the city is populated by roaming locals, craftspeople, artists and visitors from around the world and the recipe for sophisticated bohemian dreams has come true. 


The outer walls are enough to gaze at for days, but the real charm lies in what is beyond the walls.  Each doorway beckons the passerby with delightful peeks into worlds of beauty.  You never know what you will find until you step in and see.  It is the best type of treasure hunt.  Some are restaurants, some are hotels, some are private homes, schools, and stores.  One gets the sense with each visit that there is yet still more to be discovered!  

Antigua is nestled between several volcanoes which can be seen from many vantage points in the city.  Three of the most well known are volcanoes Pacaya and Fuego (active) and Aqua (dormant since the 1600s).  Hiking excursions up the volcanoes are offered through various tourist agencies in the city and well worth it if you enjoy a fun challenge.

The season of Lent is Antigua's most colorful and its busiest.  Gorgeous carpets of colored wood shavings line the colonial streets.  Processions run daily for several weeks.  Book ahead if such a trip tickles your fancy.