40 Hours in Denver

By Chic Travels Contributer: Amelia Alice

"It was humorous and epic” my 8 year old told me while we were standing and applauding the Broadway-bound musical, Frozen. She was 100% correct. The production was humorous, epic and captivating.  The costumes and music were top notch too! 


I had to remind my children, as well as myself, that this was not a sing-a-long production. Although every ounce of us longed to bolt out our favorites, we restrained ourselves. 


Frozen is running at the Buell Theater in Denver until October 1 and tickets can still be purchased here.  For those who cannot make it to Denver with a short week’s notice, Frozen the musical will open on Broadway in New York City at the legendary St. James Theatre on Feb 22, 2018.  Start your planning now!

For the fans able to visit Denver this coming week, don your perfect theatre dress, have pre-theatre tea at the historic Brown Palace Hotel and Spa and hum “For the First Time in Forever” with your children as you eagerly await show time. You will not regret it.

The Brown Palace Hotel.JPG

We certainly had an exquisite time.  High tea is served in the main lobby of the hotel.  We tried to be utterly elegant while sipping black currant, vanilla rooibos, house black teas, and champagne (mamas only).  The best part was the scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I even preferred that to the decadent chocolate truffles that graced the top tier of the tea platter.


We stayed at the brand new AC Marriott Hotel in downtown Denver.  We felt like celebrities when we arrived since the hotel was celebrating its opening night. This hotel is unique because it is the first ever dual branded Starwood/Marriott hotel.  Saying that, note which door you go in. One door leads to the Marriott front desk and the other door leads to the Starwood front desk.  That is right – there are 2 different lobbies, 2 different check ins, 2 different sets of elevators, restaurants, bars, etc.. Mind you, this is not a Las Vegas size hotel, but a hotel that you would expect to find in a downtown corridor.

Our littlest companion awoke at 5:30 AM the day of the performance, way before our tea party.  Since we awoke so early we decided to take advantage of our morning and head to Mt. Evans, just 60 miles west of Denver.  We live in the central plains, and mountains are something we only dream of having at home. 


The road to Mt. Evans is the highest paved road in North America. We drove up 9000 feet in elevation and through 5 climate zones.  It started snowing during our drive and covered the evergreen fir trees with a dusting of white powder.  It was magical.  Were we in Norway?  Would Anna and Elsa round the corner any minute?

We drove until we could go no further because of road closures due to ice and snow. We did not mind. It was a perfect excuse to get out of the car for about 62 seconds and get into the world’s shortest snowball fight. We all laughed and squealed at the sensation of cold freezing temperatures in September!


The ever-changing climate left us enamored with the mountains. Up high toward mount Evans, the trees did not grow, the peaks of the mountains were covered with snow and the lakes were so beautiful we could hardly believe they were real. 

We were in our own Frozen wonderland.  If only there had been time to build an Olaf!