The French word souvenir means "to remember".  In English we use the word souvenir to describe what a traveler collects on a journey to remember the people and places visited.  It is a memento.  What types of souvenirs do you acquire on your travels?


Once I read about a woman who made it a point to collect one piece of jewelry from every new destination she experienced.  I always thought that sounded like a fun way to remember an adventure and decided to do the same.  The hunt for that one special piece of jewelry adds to the journey.  Wearing the jewelry when I am back at home is satisfying and brings back happy memories.

Do you like the tacky souvenirs like mugs, t-shirts and keychains that you find in heavily touristy areas?  Sometimes I do!  When my husband and I went to Las Vegas I stocked up on the merchandise.  Vegas seemed an appropriate place from which to collect some tackiness.  I wear my t-shirt with pride.

From 30-A I have purchased several items including a few pieces of jewelry and a dress. However, my favorite souvenir is not something I had to buy.  It is something abundant, free and natural, white sand!  Today I have it displayed in my dining room along with a collection of seashells (that I purchased).  It is a happy memory and reminds me of the beautiful waters I swam in while visiting.

What ways do you remember your travels?  Do you have any traditions or mementos you seek on your journeys?  Let's talk about it in the comments below!