In the Garden

I love the quote from Cicero “If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.”  At many levels this idea rings true for me.  Surely though, to be thorough, a philosopher might add amour into the mix.  A garden, a library and love… That sounds about right.

White Cluster.JPG

What makes a garden so lovely, in my humble opinion, is that it brings a certain rhythm and tradition to the years.   The cycle of the seasons and the plants that bloom on cue remind a person that life is a continuous process.  In this crazy experience of living there is birth (spring), beauty (summer), fading glory (autumn), death (winter) and for those of us who believe, renewal (the following spring).  My garden keeps me moving forward and appreciating the process.

Elephant Ear.JPG

In my neck of the woods (zone 7), September rounds out the “beauty” portion of the garden season.  Temperatures stabilize after the searing heat of August and life returns to my rose bushes and other plants.  This year we had a tremendous amount of rain in August and so September and October should be abundant in blooms.

Pat Austin.JPG

Here is my beloved Pat Austin rose that is back in bloom.  I’m enjoying this moment.  It is a season to be outdoors absorbing light and beauty.  October is usually equally pleasant and more golden.  In the garden there is much to look forward to in the coming days. 


Do you have a garden?  What’s in bloom where you live?