Returning Home

Visiting new places makes me feel alive.  Returning home brings me comfort.  Upon return there is always a series of things to do.  The mail has to be sorted, my dog retrieved from the pet hotel, groceries bought and laundry must be washed.  It feels good to plop back into my cozy corner of the world and resume my routines.  


When I return the distinct smell of my house catches me first.  My house was built nearly 60 years ago and baked into it is the scent of old wood, some leaky pipes, my laundry detergent and my kitchen.  

When I am gone the house just sits and creaks and doesn’t have a chance to breathe.  She is a napping lady.  My return awakens her from her slumber.  I throw open the doors and let the light pour in the windows.  The bustle of family coming and going enlivens my home again.  Lighting candles and cooking food scents the air.  So too does bringing in flowers from the garden, and using again my perfumes and bath soaps.  There is something subtly exhilarating about the process.  

I love travel, but I also love home and its peculiar personality.  I even have a name for my house— Rose Cottage.  I'm not sure why I named her, but maybe I was influenced by Seaside where every home has a name.  Or maybe I was influenced by Gone with the Wind.  I always loved the name of Scarlett's home, Tara.

Today I am sitting back in my comfiest pjs and indulging in routine.  I’ve got laundry to fold, bills to pay and some windows to open.  Afterward I plan to lean back and cozy up with a good book.

I hope your day is going well and I wish you a wonderful weekend!