Point of View

Hello!  Welcome to my travel blog.  Here I highlight adventures at home and around this gorgeous globe.  My goal is to inspire you to get out and see the world!  It does not matter if your seeing is nearby or in far flung locales.  The point is to help you see the beauty and magic that is all around you.

Fabulous door knocker discovered on a weekend wander in Dallas.  Photo by Chic Travels.

Fabulous door knocker discovered on a weekend wander in Dallas.  Photo by Chic Travels.

Travel takes us out of our comfort zone.  It often awakens our sense of the moment.  I know for myself, I often feel more alive when I travel.  Why?  Does travel do it, or is it me?  Am I different when I travel?  I've decided that yes, it is me, my outlook and my intentionality when I travel that makes the difference.  Routine at home can numb us to the wonders that are at our fingertips.  We get in a rut because we forget the magic of life, of touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing things anew.  When we travel these senses are revived.

Journeying to new destinations lets us in on the allure, the idiosyncrasies, the flaws, the attitude, the biases, the flair, and the uniqueness of where we are from and the places to which we travel.  The more we really see and experience, the better understanding we have of both ourselves and the locales we visit.  If we travel with friends and family we also gain a better understanding of who they are as well.  That is, of course, if we choose to learn from our experiences rather than rush through them to get to the next item on our list.

A person does not have to travel great distances to gain new perspective.  Sometimes a journey to a different part of one’s own city can awaken a clearer grasp of home and self.  

For the simplest of examples, look up, instead of straight ahead.  How's the view?  Do you see the familiar from a new perspective?  If you are a late sleeper, try waking at dawn to have a glimpse of your city in the morning light.  Do you turn in regularly at 9:00 PM?  Try staying awake until midnight and see your hometown under the stars!

To see is to understand.  Are you traveling with your eyes wide open or half shut?