J O D E E  M O L I N A  (b. 1976, USA)

jodee.molina@gmail.com | 405.694.7313


2017 - 2019 Studio Gallery, Spring / Fall Group Exhibit, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Artist Statement:

Jodee Molina brings color and tangible form to the idea of the feminine.  This is expressed in abstract, acrylic paintings where movement, emotion and color take precedence and in abstract portraiture depicting elements of the universal woman.

She enjoys combining mediums and uses collage and photography in addition to her acrylic work.

Jodee’s photography expolores the myth of the cowboy, immigration, and human relationship to the land .  She is currently creating images that speak to the invasive role of the petroleum industry in West Texas, a landscape of barren beauty where she resides.